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Donation Process

  1. Death has occurred – contact MedCure immediately – phone is answered in person 24 hours every day. A Donor Coordinator will assist the family step by step.
  2. Medical history is obtained- A Donor Coordinator will ask questions about the donors medical history and answer eligibility questions.
  3. Funeral home transport - We will make all arrangements for a funeral home to provide transportation from the place of death to MedCure at our expense. We have contracted funeral homes throughout the U.S. that follow our specific guidelines. Please do not contact a funeral home before contacting us – this assures there will be no costs to the family.
  4. Anatomical specimens are recovered for medical research and education.
  5. Remains of the donor are cremated-  Cremation takes place at a licensed crematorium and each person is cremated individually. Family chooses to have cremated remains sent to them in a heart-shaped urn in approximately 4 to 6 weeks or entered into the sea through a memorial scattering.
  6. One copy of the death certificate is issued (processing time for completion varies by State and County).
  7. Letter of donation - If requested, a letter describing the medical research and/or education your donation fulfilled sent to family.

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Donation Process

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